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Toro introduces new ProStripe 560 Mower

The Toro Company is launching the new ProStripe 560 striping mower. The model combines the benefits of a precise cut and clean striped finish with the simplicity of a walk power mower. The compact lightweight design is ideal for striping smaller areas of turf. It can easily manoeuvre tight areas whilst offering precision, productivity and durability.
Key features include a two-piece ribbed roller designed to create the perfect finish and crisp stripe, without marking and damaging turf. It has a 3-speed transmission system to adapt to all weather and turf conditions and users can adjust the speed from 2.9 to 5.0 km/h (1.8 to 3.1 mph). This also makes the ProStripe® the fastest mower in its class*.
The ProStripe 560 is also equipped with exclusive MatchCut technology. This allowing quick and easy fine tuning of the cutting height. With seven half-increment (3.7mm) settings it is the ideal tool to match cutting height to other machines or when its crucial to achieve an accurate turf height.
As well as having excellent precision, the ProStripe 560 increases productivity. This is down to its 80-litre high capacity grass bag and Blade Brake Clutch transmission system. The front fins lift the grass for a clean cut. Optimised airflow ensures efficient collection of clippings while directing dust away from operators.
Other features include an ergonomic reinforced handlebar. This, as well as the Blade Brake Clutch (BBC) transmission system. When the handlebar is released, the BBC system stops the blade without stopping the engine. This allows the operator to empty the grass bag or move from site to site without shutting down the machine.
The ProStripe 560 has a heavy-duty cast aluminium deck and a commercial-grade Kawasaki engine. It’s also backed by a Lifetime Crankshaft Warranty.
Anthony Nadalin, senior marketing manager, Toro Europe says:
“The ProStripe 560 provides both quality of cut and a clean striped finish in one efficient step.”
Chris Cooper, product manager at Toro adds:
“It’s a low-maintenance solution that’s easy to use with no additional operator training needed. As an added benefit, striping can help reduce soil compaction and contribute to the health of the turf.”
An optional groomer brush attachment to help promote a healthier turf. A finer cut is possible by reducing lateral blade growth and removing surface debris is also available for this model.
For more information about this mower and other Toro products, please visit www.toro.com.
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