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Transforming workspaces with plants: National Plants at Work Week 2022

Creating the perfect green workspace helps to produce our best performance.

This year National Plants at Work Week falls at the same time as World Wellbeing Week – a perfect time match. Working together with Nook Pod, supplier of workspace wellness pods, [email protected] members created a very inviting green oasis, the #PlantNook, for this special week.

The planted space provides a calm and relaxing place to work, when quiet concentration is needed, or serves as a meeting place away from general office noise and other distractions. The #PlantNook combines flawlessly the power of houseplants, biophilia and Nook’s care-informed design.

Not only do plants deflect and diffract sound, helping with concentration by as much as 23%, but they also improve productivity by 30+%

[email protected] Ambassador and designer of the #PlantNook, Ian Drummond of Botanical Design remarked, “There is no doubt that being surrounded by plants improves our general wellbeing and reduces our stress levels. Plants definitely create a calm space for work or small meetings.”

Ian was assisted by [email protected] committee member Shirley Smith of Botanica Nurseries.

David O’Coimin, owner of Nook felt that, “Plants are the perfect accompaniment to Nook, together offering a safe natural space for secluded work or to bring people gently together, inspired by nature. Nooks carefully crafted sanctuary features make them perfect for accommodating quiet work, small meetings or personal reflection and self-care, something many are aching for in open office environments”.

[email protected] members will promote the idea of creating a quiet green space to work or meet in for National Plants at Work Week and beyond. They hope others will follow suit.

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