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Tubex marks 35 years of production at flagship tree shelter facility

by | 19 May 22 | News

Tubex, a manufacturer of tree shelters, celebrated 35 years of production at its site in Aberdare, Wales last week. To mark this milestone, key stakeholders and influencers from the forestry sector visited Aberdare in May to see Tubex’s tree shelter manufacturing processes first-hand.

The anniversary comes at a time of significant growth for Tubex, a brand of Berry Global, given growing awareness of the need for widespread tree planting nationwide.  Tubex has received investment (from Berry( to boost its ability to better support customers through increased stock, capacity, automation and sustainability.

In particular, Tubex’s Aberdare site is leading the drive towards full circularity in tree shelter manufacture, by achieving up to 35% recycled content in its core range – with a clear pathway towards 100% within the coming years – and 100% already on other products. This is supported by Tubex’s Collection and Recycling Scheme, which ensures responsible disposal of tree shelters, and closes the loop to increase the usage of recycled materials.

Tree shelters are vital for saplings to grow to their full potential by providing protection from foraging animals and extreme British weather. Each shelter dramatically increases a sapling’s survival rate.  Tree shelters produced by Tubex are distributed across the country, both supporting the UK government’s ambitious tree planting targets, and meeting private forestry demands driven by the spotlight on corporate sustainability agendas. Over the past three decades, it is estimated that 150 million tonnes of CO2 has been sequestered globally by trees protected with Tubex’s tree shelters.

While tree shelters have been the mainstay of the business since opening in 1987, the Aberdare facility played a different role during the Covid-19 pandemic, as the state-of-the-art site switched its efforts to produce vital materials used in over 170 million FFP3 masks for NHS workers across the UK.

Dean Latten, Site Director at Tubex, has worked at the Aberdare facility for 20 years and witnessed the company’s growth. He added: “35 years of production is a massive achievement for any business – and to celebrate it at a time when demand for tree shelters is continuing to rise is a real source of pride to the Tubex team.  It was fantastic to welcome so many influential figures to Aberdare to demonstrate the work we’re doing to support sustainability through the manufacture, collection and recycling of our products.”

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