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Tubex Nature expand on biodegradable tree shelters

by | 13 Nov 23 | Supplier News

Tubex Nature announces expansion of biodegradable range ahead of 2024 planting season.

In addition to the original Tubex Nature Standard shelter, the company will be releasing a new range of sizes and styles of tree shelters including easywrap, vole guards and shrub shelters.

“The surge in popularity of biodegradable solutions means it is vital to have scalable, effective and sustainable products,” says James Taylor, commercial director at Tubex.

While durability across the entire Tubex Nature range has been doubled to ease installation. “This was an issue commonly cited by our customers.  Indeed, it seems to be true generally that bio-based biodegradable materials are weaker in this regard.  By dramatically strengthening this area, we’re delivering an installation performance that is close to that experienced when using traditional tubes,” explains Taylor.

With the ability to biodegrade in situ, over time Tubex shelters will breakdown through a microbiological process, into water and CO2.

“We’re learning all the time from existing applications across the UK, and we’re also working with independent research scientists to improve the formulation to ensure the optimum balance between long-term sapling protection, and a safe, swift dispersal into the environment at end-of-life.”

In addition Tubex has announced a continued pledge to undertake further research and development to facilitate future product expansions.

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