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UK film studio invests £1m in biodiversity

by | 25 Sep 23 | Featured Slider, Nature & Biodiversity, News, Topics

UK film studio, Shepperton Studios, has invested £1m towards the improvement of biodiversity at the River Ash Corridor in Surrey, also known as Studios Walk, in partnership with Spelthorne Borough Council.

Ecological enhancements that took place at the site, which borders Shepperton Studios, include the instalment of bird and bat boxes, and wildlife refuge areas, which have restricted access to allow native fauna and wildlife to thrive.

A new stepped pedestrian bridge, named Sherwood Bridge, has been installed to create a 1.75km looped walk, with additional benches added throughout the route.

“The project has opened up a new walking route that will allow residents to roam amongst the trees and enjoy views of the river from areas which were previously inaccessible,” says the chair of Spelthorne Borough Council’s Environmental and Sustainability Committee, Cllr Malcolm Beecher.

“We hope residents enjoy sightings of kingfishers, stag beetles and all of the other wonderful wildlife that call the River Ash and its surroundings home.”

Shepperton Studios has committed an additional £300k for all future maintenance over the next 15 years, to preserve Studios Walk biodiversity and community value.

The works carried out are part of the wider commitment made by the studio, to the local community, following the area expansion of its original site.

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