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UK Landscape Barometer: August 2022 findings

All statistics are based on those surveyed and compare August 2022 to August 2021, with the exception of confidence; confidence is compared at the time of survey (October 2022) to the same time last year

The number of factors contributing to the lack of confidence within the landscaping industry keeps growing; the cost-of-living crisis, the threat of recession, the summer heat waves and overall uncertainty from clients themselves. Yet despite all of this, turnover remains steady with 50% of respondents reporting no change compared to last year and full-time staff continue to grow with 45% of respondents having more full-time staff than last year.

The main consensus among our respondents is that they’re waiting for the new year to come with one stating, ‘I think clients are holding off with the uncertain times ahead and just planning for the future’. With so many changes over a short period of time, it is no surprise that clients and companies alike are waiting to see what happens next.

With confidence still low at 10% that is a slight rise from the 8% we saw last month – perhaps confidence is slowly on the rise?

To read the full report click here: UK Barometer Report August 2022

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