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UK Landscape Barometer: September 2022 findings

All statistics are based on those surveyed and compare September 2022 to September 2021, with the exception of confidence; confidence is compared at the time of survey (November 2022) to the same time last year

Confidence has taken another dive across the sectors compared to the previous month, but even more so compared to the same time last year, when confidence appeared to be on the up.  

Design and build seems to have taken the biggest hit during September 2022. All respondents in this sector reported that their turnover had decreased from the previous year and that there had been no change in the number of enquiries, projects that they’re working on, or staffing numbers. They also all reported a decrease in their conversation rate from last year. One respondent said that they now had an “immediate” lead time, whilst another said that they are booked up until February. “All work seems to be in limbo; I have the usual level of projects, but they are all in various stages of being stalled,” commented one design and build company. 

Government instability and the ongoing cost-of-living crisis are likely causes for projects being put on hold, so the outcome of the autumn statement mid-November could have a significant impact across all sectors of the landscaping industry. 

To read the full report click here: UK Barometer Report September 2022

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