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UK sets new net zero targets

To keep the government’s commitment of achieving net zero green-house gas emissions by 2050 on track, it is estimated that around 350,000 new construction jobs will need to be created by 2028.

The Building Skills for Net Zero report by the Construction Industry Training Board explores and discusses the need for green building specialists to reduce carbon emissions.

This produces huge opportunity for the construction industry to meet new demands through the adaptation and development of new skills and services, driving a green job bloom. In turn this adds value to communities, people, and clients.

The UK Green Building Council anticipates that up to 95% of emissions from the built environment over the next 30 years could be emitted from buildings that exist today.

In a report published by The Landscape Institute (LI) Landscape for 2030, it is established that landscape is a leader in the fight against climate change and biodiversity loss.

It was stated that an action landscaping professionals can take to mitigate climate change is ‘making low carbon places.’ This is important to reach net zero and reduce energy output.

This can be achieved primarily though reducing the embodied carbon of outdoor spaces and supporting renewable energy development.

It was also stated that it is important for landscapers to realise there are multiple secondary benefits in tackling the climate crisis that will provide a balance outcome for people and nature.

The threats posed by climate change are vast and there is no single blueprint that will solve this crisis. Part of the industry is currently delivering what is needed to achieve net zero. However, in order to really make a difference, change needs to happen at a greater scale across all industry types.

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