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UK’s highest roof garden launches at Landmark Pinnacle with breathtaking views of London

by | 27 Sep 22 | News

In early October 2022 the UK’s highest roof garden has launched at Landmark Pinnacle, spanning the 75th floor of the UK’s tallest residential tower developed by Chalegrove Properties. The Sky Terrace is the highest private amenity space ever created in London, offering uninterrupted 360° views that one would typically only be treated to when airborne.  Residents will have views of iconic London landmarks including The Shard, Tower Bridge, The 02 Arena, Big Ben, the Royal Observatory and the London Eye.

Chalegrove Properties, the developer of Landmark Pinnacle, working with Squire and Partners architects and Farrer Huxley Landscape Architects had a collective vision to create a unique space befitting of the exceptional views which surround the roof garden. The space has been designed as a pair of landscaped external terraces providing spectacular panoramic views over London, while offering a healthy environment embracing biophilia to ensure residents can connect with nature in an otherwise urban setting.

Triple height glazed roof gardens crown the development and create 6566 ft2 (610m2) of planted space, with seating and relaxation areas arranged to offer the best vistas over Canary Wharf to the East and London and The Thames to the West. The East terrace has been divided into a series of irregular niche corners with arranged seating designed for quiet contemplation, whilst the West side is more open for larger gatherings and social occasions. The contrasting areas add interest ensuring the space is inviting to all.

Other key features of the roof garden:

  • Planting scheme: The planting is designed to deliver seasonal variety changing at every stage of the year so the space is never the same whenever it is visited.
  • Landscape: Is an important outdoor space where all residents and visitors can enjoy respite and relaxation. The mix of sensational views in this rooftop oasis will make ‘The Sky Terrace’ a desirable backdrop for residents seeking to host guests or for celebrations.
  • Lighting: Carefully designed to complement and not take over from the planting and hard landscaping, it was important for the lighting to help foster a sense of atmosphere in the exterior spaces. The bespoke lighting provides sufficient illumination for residents to go about their activities in safety, whilst being low-key enough to not reflect too brightly in the outer glazed walls after dark and obliterate prized views over the capital.
  • Materials: The introduction of natural materials such as stone and timber which are harmonious with the planting scheme have been selected to bring a sense of nature into the space. Materials have been selected to complement each other and provide a timeless yet relaxing environment in which residents can unwind and enjoy the double height glazing which maximises sightlines and vistas.

Embracing biophilic design

It is well known that bringing greenery into urban spaces can help reduce stress and anxiety, and together with the wider planting scheme on the roof, the living walls form the backdrop for a tranquil and relaxing place for residents and their guests to unwind.

The roof garden joins the tropical garden on Level 27 as examples of innovative ways that nature is being woven into Landmark Pinnacle to enrich the wellbeing of residents. Landmark Pinnacle is leading the way in how biophilic design can address a deficiency of green spaces and interactions with nature that can be attributed to urban living. Biophilia is an innate affinity human beings have with the natural world. By applying biophilic design principles at Landmark Pinnacle, we can subconsciously reconnect people with nature, whether this be through direct experiences, such as plants and water, or indirect experiences, such as natural materials, lighting, and organic forms.

The roof garden is one of several amenity spaces available to all residents at Landmark Pinnacle.

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