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Ultra Decking launches a new pricing structure to support fitters and landscapers in 2022 

Ultra Decking, the UK’s premium composite decking and accessories manufacturer, is pleased to announce the launch of an exclusive price scheme to support fitters and landscapers.

Raw material shortages, difficulties in getting trucks and machinery, and price hikes have all been problematic for landscapers and fitters. Plus the pandemic, massive consumer demand for outdoor materials, labour difficulties, and logistics and transportation constraints have created an especially challenging situation, resulting in widespread shortages.

This situation has caused fitters & landscapers to spend time sourcing products, lowering their productivity and causing possible loss to business due to stock not arriving on time or sudden price rises which they have had to pass over to their customers at a moment’s notice.

Ultra Decking recognises the challenges  landscapers and fitters endure and feels the need to support them. Lee, Sales Manager for Ultra Decking, commented “Like many other composite decking manufacturers, Ultra Decking has also been affected by the increase in the prices of raw materials. However, after the lockdown, the company has worked hard to keep its prices at the same level to help support landscapers and fitters,”

Ultra Decking has tailored its approach to acknowledge its duty to help landscapers and fitters in the UK market grappling with difficulties emanating from the pandemic.

“Ultra Decking has kept its customers at the forefront of their minds. This is why we strive to keep prices as low as possible and maintain stock supply at record-high levels to further support fitters and landscapers. Maintaining low price levels is something we will continue to focus on, supporting the landscaping industry to ensure completion and timely execution of projects with no sudden changes or sharp rises,” he explained further.

Lee believes that maintaining a manageable price is critical because it “will convey a clear message to customers—who are suffering from decking supply shortages and scarcity as a result of the pandemic’s negative impact in the landscaping industry—that Ultra Decking cares about them.”

“Given that the covid-19 issue is still ongoing and still negatively affecting the industry, by not supporting the trade sector this will surely result in a significant increase in the price of outdoor material,” Lee added.

Ultra Decking is thankful to customers who have actively supported its growth since its inception. The company also wants to reassure customers that it will continue to offer exceptional value, ultimate satisfaction and affordable prices.

For more details to sign up to our new scheme for 2022, visit or call Jack directly on 01925 943011

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