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UltraScape launches new permeable paving system

UltraScape has revealed its latest launch, perma-bed, a new and unique permeable bedding mortar for paving installations.

UltraScape perma-bed has been formulated to drain away any water migrating into the pavement via cracks or damaged areas. It reduces water related pavement failures as rainwater will drain away naturally rather than sit on top of the stone, or worse, stay within the joint, freeze, expand and then break out.

The free passage of water through the cured product ensures that correctly laid paving will not suffer from reflective staining emanating from the underside of the paving elements.

UltraScape perma-bed exceeds the strict requirements of BS 7533. Pre-blended to reduce costs, increase productivity and minimise on-site mixing errors, perma-bed is resistant to freeze/thaw weather patterns and can receive foot traffic in 12 hours and vehicular traffic in 24 hours.

Completing UltraScape’s Permeable Paving System is premjoint, a brush-in jointing compound that can be applied by either a wet or dry method. It is available in three colours – Cosmic Black, Storm Grey and Natural Cashmere.

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