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    Upcycling: The British Flower Bus

    In this interview, Jonathan Moseley designer of The British Flower Bus, talks with Pro Landscaper about upcycling. Jonathan tells us all about his unique project, where he drew inspiration from and the benefits of upcycling.

    The British Flower Bus will be visiting all the UK’s leading flower shows this year, can you tell us a bit more about the project?

    The bus has been designed to raise public awareness about British flowers and promote floristry. The educational aim of the bus is to raise awareness of the variety of seasonally grown British flowers, to promote our amazing British flower farmers and to drive footfall back into flower shops as opposed to the supermarkets. The bus has been designed so that the exterior resembles a flower shop, and then when the public enter the bus they are transported immediately into a magical world of beautiful flowers, oozing seasonality and full of the most intoxicating scent. The response from the public at each show has been enormously favourable and everyone immediately falls in love with the bus.

    Where did the inspiration come from to use a bus?

    Fundamentally, I needed a resource that could move from show to show with ease, it had to be self-contained, water tight, accessible to the public and suitable for displaying flowers in a light airy environment. A bus seemed like the perfect option! It is quirky, interesting and unique – I certainly am unaware of any other flower buses that are out there!

    Have you used upcycling in any of your other projects?

    Jonathan Moseley – RHS & Jason Ingram

    Floristry often upcycles objects and ideas. Many of my major installations have upcycled old oil drums, doors, gates, scaffolding poles, wine bottles, the list is endless! In my flower school we are constantly upcycling everyday objects from jam jars and tin cans to vegetable crates and wooden pallets. Through the high profile shows and my floral presentations I have a wonderful arena to educate, inform and inspire members of the public in the potential of upcycling items from a bus to a broken china tea cup!

     What do you think the benefits of upcycling are?

    I immediately engage with the idea of giving an object another life. I hate waste and celebrate the creative element of reusing an item. Personally, I get an enormous buzz when the public say “wow, look at that old bus – I want to do that!”

    In this throw away, immediately disposable world the value of upcycling to the environment is huge. I celebrate the creative impetus that upcycling can bring to an artistically driven project.

    There’s still time to catch The British Flower Bus, for more information visit: www.jonathan-moseley.com

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