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    7 ways your website can stay ahead of the competition

    Maintaining a positive online presence can go a long way to helping you build brand awareness for your business. The way your website conveys your company’s message speaks volumes about how you want to present the firm.
    When it comes to your website, staying up to date with current trends is imperative to staying ahead of the game. Creating a simple, clean design which is aesthetically pleasing, performs well and engages readers will help to improve user experience.
    As a full-service agency and Google Premier Partner, at Adtrak we work across the UK providing a complete range of digital services. These include: Web design, graphic design and branding, internet marketing, video & photography, content creation and PPC.
    This holistic approach delivers conversions, lead generation and profitable results for our clients. Read on to find out our top tips and key website considerations to ensure you stay ahead of the digital curve.


    Be accessible to your users. Ensure contact details are clearly displayed on the site, showing that you are accessible and happy to communicate. In turn, this transparity establishes a sense of trust with your users and visitors to your site.


    It’s also becoming increasingly important that your site is running on secure HTTPS hosting. Following a recent Google Chrome update, this means that non-HTTPS sites will now be clearly marked as ‘not secure’ in the user’s browser. This has recently featured in the news again following Chrome’s 10th birthday. It suggests that it’s still remained a prominent feature.

    Mobile friendly

    With the internet accessible on a variety of different devices, it’s important to have a responsive, mobile friendly website. This will work efficiently and look great on screens of all sizes – from desktop to tablet and mobile. It is predicted that by the end of 2018, a staggering 70% of traffic will come from mobile devices.

    Website speed

    Although internet speeds are increasing, the way people access the web is changing, with mobile traffic increasing day by day. This means users on slow, public connections must be catered for, as well as being considerate of data plans. As a result, website speed is now more important than ever. Google report that 53% of visits are abandoned if a mobile site takes longer than three seconds to load!


    Reviews are still important both from a user and search engine perspective. Google recently confirmed that reviews you receive off-site can feature on your own website without duplication. It’s advised that you collect them as a way of showcasing yourself as a trustworthy company based on authentic reviews.

    Voice search

    Voice search is still a largely unknown quantity on the marketing side of things. Recent data has suggested that only 2% of Amazon’s Alexa users have used the voice option to make a purchase from the device. However the Google voice search – which focuses on assisting search and home control – has reportedly begun outselling them. Whilst there’s no clear-cut correlation between the two, this data does show a potential shift in the types of things people want to use voice search for.

    Google Adwords rebrand

    This summer Google Adwords rebranded to Google Ads. Whilst this may not seem like a major change, it’s worth being aware of so you don’t fall victim to potential scammers.
    Adtrak are proud to work with and support both Pro Landscaper & BALI as their digital partners. Adtrak will be exhibiting at Futurescape, at Sandown Park Racecourse on 20 November 2018. Here, we invite attendees to meet us and discuss their digital marketing requirements or to ask for some advice. We’re always happy to help!
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