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What will the awning trends be in 2022?

Stuart Dantzic of Caribbean Blinds explains his predictions for 2022

It’s all about options. Consumers are going to continue investing in lighting, heating, and side screens, but anything that can enhance the comfort of being outdoors, and enable space to be used all year, round is certainly going to be most popular.

Therefore, it is expected that consumers who already have awnings will be looking to upgrade or replace existing items for maximum effect.

Consumers want flexibility with options:

  • Lighting: Customers want their lighting to be dimmable to set the scene / mood i.e. dimmed lights for a romantic meal, or full lights for a family gathering. Colour is important, with 3,500k (warm white) being the most popular choice.
  • Heating: They want it to be zone controlled so different areas can be heated based on the requirements of the people under the awning.
  • Technical options: Customers want something that will work in conjunction with other garden elements, such as perimeter lighting for example. They will purchase receivers that allow these items to work off the same handset as the awning, and they are likely to opt for app control to allow for convenient operation of all said items from their smartphone.

Focusing on the material and design, other trends Caribbean Blinds predicts for 2022 are:

Anthracite grey hardware (metalwork) is expected to continue rising in the popularity. Why?

  • The contemporary and streamline look
  • Its low maintenance
  • Forward planning on other home improvements
  • The hardware looking more expensive than the traditional white

Silver to slate grey tone fabrics will also continue to be a popular choice. Why?

  • The timeless look
  • It is complimentary to the popular anthracite grey metalwork
  • Not showing the dirt

Shape and durability of the awning design is expected to change. Consumers are likely to opt for:

  • Flush fitting awnings
  • Squared edge designs (rather than the previously common rounded design)
  • Higher wind speed rated awnings to withstand stronger winds
  • Water resistant and self-clean effect coatings on fabrics

For more information visit https://www.cbsolarshading.co.uk/

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