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What’s your favourite office plant?

Every year [email protected] looks for the Favourite Office Plant from a nominated ‘long list’. Voting whittles the list down to three plants according to that year’s criteria. The short-listed three plants take their places before a panel of judges who select the winning plant for the year.
This award has been running for nine years and past winners have been:
  •  2018 Monstera deliosa
  • 2017 Aspidistra
  • 2016 Rhipsalis
  •  2015 Medinilla magnifica
  •  2014 Echeveria
  •  2013 Peace Lily( Spathiphylum)
  • 2012 Vanda orchid
  •  2011 Phalaenopsis orchid
  • 2010 Beaucarnia Bonsai
The plants that get the most votes and fall into one or more of the criteria will make the short-list.


The criteria is:
  • Plants that make a statement
  • Plants that work well in indoor green walls
  • Plants make a retro comeback
  •  Plants you’d like to see used more


The list of nominated plants:

  • Strelitzia (Bird of Paradise)

  •  Epiphyllum anguliger

  •  Paphiopedilum orchid (Slipper Orchid)

  •  Aeschynanthus (Twisted Lipstick Plant)

  • Oxalis triangularis

  •  Succulents


  •  Philodenrdon xanadu
Credit- Crocus









  • Alocasia macrorrhizos
Credit –









  • Musa (Banana plant)

Please email [email protected] us your top three at [email protected]
The winners will be announced during National Plants at Work Week 8 – 12 July.
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