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    Wienerberger’s Clay – Landscape, paving our way

    Throughout human history, clay has proven itself as one of nature’s most trusted natural materials. But here Wienerberger talks to Pro Landscaper about clay as a building material.

    Clay – A Landscaping solution

    At Wienerberger, we are proud to offer clay pavers as part of our landscape portfolio. Below are just a few of the reasons you should consider it when designing your next landscape project.

    Circular economy

    The circular economy is a concept in which everything is engineered to be constantly reused or recycled (KLH Sustainability, 2019). With a lifespan of over a century, clay pavers often outlast the paving sub-base, meaning pavers can be re-laid following sub-base repair/replacement or the pavers can be reused in another paving project. These aspects mean clay pavers can embed circular economy design principles in the built environment.

    Strong and durable

    With such an extensive lifespan of over 100+ years, clay pavers bring longevity to any project. They are able to cope with consistently high footfall without impacting aesthetic or performance. Clay really is a product with a legacy!

    Sustainable solution

    Clay is a material we are able to reuse and recycle as it will always replenish itself. The majority of our clay is sourced from the Netherlands where we work with specialist organisations to ensure our clay extraction methods are not only sustainable but provide a positive contribution to the nation’s management of flood plains and rivers. Our Dutch clay operations are close to extraction sites and the clay is transported by barge to minimise lorry usage. They are also supplied with 100% green electricity across all Dutch production sites.

    Non-slip surface

    Our clay paving range has an SRV “U3” slip resistance value (the highest classification possible) due to their natural texture surface and highly abrasive characteristic. This means clay provides the perfect solution for domestic and commercial applications.

    Beautiful design options

    Clay, unlike a common misconception, is not just red in colour. Wienerberger’s clay paver portfolio offers unique sizing options as well as a vast array of colours and textures. With everything from traditional autumnal colours to blacks, blues and greys in order to suit any design!

    Natural and colourfast

    The rich colour of Wienerberger’s clay pavers last for hundreds of years. That means the product does not fade unlike other alternatives. The colour in man-made materials will fade over time due to the effects of exposure to atmospheric conditions and the sun (UV). This colour retention quality is due to the fact that the colour in clay is generally natural whereas the colour in man-made alternatives is added to the product later in the production process.

    Low maintenance

    Clay as a material provides a durable and hard wearing surface. Frequent sweeping and washing reduces the effect of dirt and grime and maintains the attractiveness of the pavers. This removes any greening and debris build up keeping a fresh new look for longer!

    Construction options

    Clay pavers are suitable for flexible or rigid construction, unlocking the option for cost savings across both smaller installations and projects of scale. Wienerberger’s paver portfolio follows British Standards and legislations to bring new technologies to market by offering natural product solutions.

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