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    Wildflower Turf Ltd Sponsors Overal Winners Award at the BIG Biodiversity Challenge

    The 2015 BIG Biodiversity Challenge awards took place at Kew Gardens, celebrating biodiversity enhancements within the construction industry. A CIRIA initiative launched two years ago, invites companies to demonstrate how simple enhancements to construction sites and new and existing developments can have an important impact on biodiversity to the surrounding area. Biodiversity projects can also encourage greater awareness of protecting and enhancing the environment and promote green infrastructure as an important aspect of any new development.

    Wildflower Turf Ltd were delighted to sponsor the overall winners’ prize of this year’s awards. The winner, EM Highways delivered an outstanding environmental and biodiversity enhancement creating species rich roadside verges along the A30 and A38 in Cornwall. The creation and proactive management of species rich grasslands has far reaching positive impacts on almost every aspect of society, the most obvious benefit being the development of green corridors to aid the declining pollinating species population. Of particular note on this project was the harvesting of seed from existing local species to create rich wildflower grassland. The receptor sites were overgrown, species poor areas with invasive weeds and tree seeds. The transformation has been an outstanding success and is now being replicated in further areas of Devon and Cornwall to increase vital stepping stone habitat for pollinating species.

    EM Highways, part of the Kier Group were made overall winners. Wildflower Turf Ltd donated the prize of 200m² of its new and innovative Wildflower Earth and 2 places on its highly regarded Accredited Partners Training Scheme, providing them with expert knowledge of creating wide ranging wildflower environments for future projects.

    James Hewetson Brown, Managing Director of Wildflower Turf Ltd was delighted to present the award to EM Highways, describing their project as an outstanding demonstration of commitment to biodiversity, providing a solution that not only benefits pollinators but provides a positive impact to the well-being of local communities.

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