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    Winners of the Jacksons Show Gardens Competition

    Winners of the 4th Annual Jacksons Show Gardens Competition have now been chosen

    It’s been a long cold dark winter and spring has been a long time coming, and for some of us waiting to be ready to send out the results of the competition has felt a bit like that! And I’m sure for some of the entrants waiting for the results to be announced it must have felt like that too.

    So, apologies for keeping everyone on tenterhooks.

    To explain, it has taken longer than previous years, possibly because there have been other parties involved and also because there were a lot of entries which deserve time and attention before deciding where they end up in the sorting process, (picture left shows just some of this year’s entries). I also like to write to everyone that has sent an entry in, to feedback before making the announcement, because it seems a more human approach than just announcing the winners.

    Thanks to everyone who entered the competition, you’ve all made it an interesting experience once again this year, with the high standard of entries.

    The winners!

    The winner of the Float Garden rejuvenation is David Magner, with his delightful design that has a wonderful colour scheme and is beautiful in its simplicity.



    The Seaside garden revamp, winner is Joanne Winn, with her original and inventive redesign called the Sanctuary Garden.



    And the Whitefriars design challenge winner is Lisa Fuertado, with her amazing design titled the Shadow Garden.



    The opening of the new gardens at Jacksons Head Office display in Kent is to be held on May 18.  This will include the winning Whitefriars design, which will be assembled for visitors to see at Jacksons prior to being assembled in the Whitefriars Square in Canterbury City centre on June 15.

    For more information on the open day, please visit our Show Gardens page on the website.

    Click here to see more about the winning designers.



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