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Winter Garden at Pinetum Park

Whilst many of the Cornish gardens go to sleep for the winter, this is one Cornish garden which is full of life during the colder months. Pinetum Park is full of fragrance, colourful flowers and beautiful texture during October through to March, and is the perfect place to a wintery walk.

One of the largest in the South West, the Winter Garden was created with the colder months in mind. The 3 acre individual garden is designed like a rose with paths spiralling away from the centre, visitors can discover winter flowers, warm foliage and scented leaves. A feature of the Winter Garden is the interesting and beautiful quality of the bark on the various trees as well as many varietals of heather, hundreds of bulbs and unusual evergreen trees.

Find the Camellia Sasanqua or ‘Crimson King’ which are in beautiful full bloom all winter, the most exciting are these are blooming right up to Christmas. The blousy pink flowers brave the cold days of November and December. Smell the pool of fragrance created by Daphne Bholua or ‘Jacqueline Posill’, a Nepalese paper plant which you can distinguish by their pretty pink flowers. Possibly the most eye-catching super stars of the season are the Viburnum Betulifolium or ‘Birchleaf Viburnum’, with pale brown branches which arch gently to 10 feet in height, they support bunches of 50 to 60 bright red berries all winter.

Discover the ‘Pinetum’ too this Winter, which is planted with 80 different conifers in 4 acres of parkland, with growing room for 40 ft centres. The garden is planted in the shape of an amphitheatre with the largest trees on the perimeter and the lowest in the entrance. Currently standing at 100ft the Pinetum houses Cornwall’s tallest Christmas tree. Though already towering above visitors some of these trees will grow to 300 ft, that’s the equivalent of a football field stood on its end! Several of the very unusual trees began in the Pinetum Park nursery from seeds obtained through plant hunting expeditions.

Next Season…Looking forward to Spring, don’t miss a visit to Pinetum Park & Pine Lodge Gardens to see the early flowering native camellias and magnolias. Due to Cornwall’s unique micro-climate the 30 acre garden enjoys beautiful colour as the first signs of Spring begin to show. For garden lovers and plant enthusiasts there is nowhere better to visit all year round.

Pinetum Park & Pine Lodge Gardens, Holmbush, St Austell, Cornwall, PL25 3RQ * 01726 73500 * pinetumpark.com

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