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    WLA 18 call for submissions is open

    WLA18-CALL-565x338Start 2015 off by submitting your project for publication in WLA Magazine. An unthemed edition calling for conceptual and built landscape architecture projects from across the world of varying scales and typologies. For more detail on submitting your project….

    How to submit your project?

    1. Select your 5 to 10 best images with a minimum 1200 pixels wide at 150dpi in jpg format.
    2. Write 300-1000 words English original descriptive text about the project in word format or emails (no pdfs allowed).
    3. List the project name, location, design firm, consultants(architects, artists, engineers, constractors, etc) and the credits for images and text.
    4. Include a note stating that you or the company ”own the copyright to the project, images and text and give World Landscape Architecture the right to publish the work digitally and/or in hard copy format.”
    5. Email the files and text to [email protected] with the subject “WLA18– Project Title– Designer” (replace Project Title with your project’s title and Designer with your design firm name) make sure the file also is named “WLA18– Project Title – Designer

    Please send any files larger that 10Mb via wetransfer.com or yousendit.com – NOTE: We will not download or accept any file or submission over 100Mb.

    By sending or sharing files with World Landscape Architecture you confirm you own the copyright to the project, images and text and give World Landscape Architecture the right to publish the work digitally and/or in hard copy format.


    1. Who can submit a project?
    Design Companies, Students, Designers, Academics, Government Departments or Authorities.

    2. What projects can be submitted?
    Conceptual or built projects can be gardens, residential , commercial, urban design, master plans, competition entries, student studio designs, art, pop-up, installations and all other types and scale of project. If you are unsure you can send us 2-3 images and a short description and we will advise whether we would publish the project.

    3. What format should the images be in?
    We prefer the images to be in JPG or TIF at a minimum 1200 pixels wide at 150 dpi. We accept images of higher resolution.

    4. What images can I submit?
    We don’t accept competition boards, watermarked images, or images with overlay text.

    5. How will I know if my project has been received and will you contact us if we are selected to be published?
    We will notify by email that we have received your submission. We only notify those who are successful.

    6. What is the fee for submission?
    Publiction of Projects is FREE. We do not charge fees to submit or publication of projects.

    If you have any questions about submitting a project please send emails to [email protected]

    All the material you submit should be copyright of the representative company or person. Please DO NOT submit any projects, text or images if you do not have the rights for publication.
    When you submit the material you agree to licence World Landscape Architecture the rights to publish the materials on worldlandscapearchitect.com in digital or in hardcopy format.

    DEADLINE | January 30th, 2015 11:59PM Honolulu Time

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