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    Working Christmas Trees Week

    efig is holding another special week which they hope members and others in the interior landscaping industry will get involved with. Working Christmas Trees Week will take place from 20th – 24th October – just two months before the big day. wct logo2-2 copy mr

    The idea behind it is to partly to promote the Christmas decorating service that many members offer but importantly to also raise funds for Charity. efig will be asking every member to make a small donation to charity for each tree they install.

    Some members will choose their own charities for their donations or efig will donate to Greenfingers on their behalf.

    “It’s a good way of giving something back,” claimed Ian Drummond of Indoor Garden Design and efig’s Chairman, “Especially to those who may not be lucky enough to enjoy a good Christmas.”

    Social media efig will conduct most of the week’s initiatives via social media asking members to join in by posting photos too. A number of ideas are being discussed from:

    • photos of Christmas trees being taken to work on the tube, on the back of a bike, on the bus etc
    • photos of the most eco-friendly Christmas tree decoration made by members
    • or tips on how to keep your tree in tip top condition
    • discussions on the pros and cons of real or artificial Christmas trees

    efig’s website

    Throughout the week efig’s website will feature a number of case studies of commercial Christmas decorating from previous award winners in this category.

    The website will also host tips about Christmas trees and other stories of interest to mark this seasonal time.

    We hope you’ll join us in preparing for these celebrations. You can find us on Facebook and LinkedIn and you can use #Xmastreeswork to join the conversations on Twitter.

    Help us make it as big and as well supported as National Plants at Work Week.



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