World Green Roof Day 2022 celebrated globally

More than 60 countries celebrated the official World Green Roof Day, which is now in its third year. The annual celebration was founded in the UK in 2020, but this year was celebrated across the globe, from Brazil to New Zealand and Norway to South Africa.

Typically taking place on 6 June, some of the highlights this year include: Dakakker (Europe’s largest rooftop farm) celebrating 10 years of growing, the YMCA Milton Keynes launching its new green rooftop to its staff and residents (supported by MK Council), and the launch of LEGO instructions for a green roof bus shelter.

World Green Roof Day founders Chris Bridgman and Dusty Gedge say: “We saw worldwide participation from GRO members and their sister companies, including Sempergreen, Optigrun, Zinco, Bauder, and BMI Group who launched a series of campaign videos in 19 different languages. Green roof federations from around the world also brought green roof owners, designers, manufacturers and growers together to celebrate.

“For 2023, organisers encourage as many businesses and individuals to open up their rooftops to the public around the globe and safely demonstrate and showcase the multiple benefits of roof greening for climate action, biodiversity, health and wellbeing. Please save the date (6th June 2023) and celebrate with us!”

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