Yorkshire School of Garden Design launches sketching course

The Yorkshire School of Garden Design is launching a new course to equip budding garden designers with drawing skills.

The Freehand Sketching for Designers course will “explore and demystify the principles of perspective, teaching students how to capture the character and texture of planting on the page, while trying out a range of media for applying impactful colour and learning about how to use computer software to add those all-important finishing touches”.

Taking place at the Yorkshire School of Garden Design’s studio at Harewood House, the course will apparently combine a series of “easy-to-follow steps and shortcuts” with exercises designed to build students’ confidence.

“One of the most valuable skills any designer can develop is the ability to express their ideas through drawing,” said Yorkshire School of Garden Design founder Alistair Baldwin. “This course is a personal favourite and is the perfect opportunity for those looking to observe the world around them with new eyes, translating their vision into clearly communicated drawings.”

According to the school, the course will also act as a stepping stone for those interested in its diplomas in both garden and planting design.

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