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Your chance to input on four new industry apprenticeships

by | 16 Sep 20 | News

The Arboriculture, Forestry, Horticulture and Landscape Trailblazers Apprenticeship Group has gained approval from the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education to develop four new apprenticeships. Once complete, these will be supported by the Government’s apprenticeship scheme and available for training providers to offer across England.

The HTA, along with other industry representatives make up the Trailblazer group. The Trailblazer group and employers, with the support of training professionals, have been working hard to write the content of these four new apprenticeships and now need a wider perspective.

To make sure that they meet the needs of the widest cross-section of organisations, they need the industry’s help.

If you are an employer, training provider, assessment organisation or potential apprentice, please complete this survey before 15 October 2020 here.

It only takes 10 minutes and gives you the chance to influence the content of these future apprenticeships.

The four proposed apprenticeships are:

  • Arboriculturist – Level 4 (a step above an A-Level)
    This occupation assesses tree health and risk, manages contractors, handles complaints, applies the law in relation to tree work and makes/assesses planning applications.
  • Horticulture Technical Manager – Level 5 (foundation degree level)
    Developing and manages parks, gardens, greenspaces and grounds (e.g. business parks, schools, retail sites etc).
  • Professional Arboriculturist – Level 6 (degree level)
    This will include managing peri-urban and urban trees including writing and implementing proactive strategic plans to enhance the environment to benefit people, air quality, biodiversity, amenity and the built environment while mitigating risk to people, buildings and property from trees by coordinating proactive inspections and undertaking tree work operations within an appropriate time-scale.
  • Professional Forester – Level 6 (degree level)
    This is a technical expert in planning, creation, management, harvesting and utilisation of woodlands and forests.

This is a unique opportunity for our industries to develop work-based training routes into higher technical roles that are recognised and funded by Government. They will help businesses bring new talent into their workforce and develop existing staff into these roles, helping us make sure we have effective and technically trained managers to drive our sector forwards for years to come.

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